Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from Tennessee!

I was going to wait to post once I got my pictures all in order, but my sister-in-law made it a race, and who am I kidding...I'm addicted to blogging! :)

Our Mathew five went to Tennessee and met up with the rest of the 13 in the family for a week of fun together. What a great week it was! I miss them all already!

I'm sure there will be several posts of the week later on. You can also check out the Curry blog and Ben and Emily's blog for other possible pictures of the week. :)

Here is a picture minus Dad and Mom (they took it!)


thesscurry said...

OK - You win... but I let you! And, just one picture doesn't constitute a race won! But that would be changing the rules... and Chris is much better at that (or used to be) than I am... and Steve is even better (alledgedly from friends in VA) than I will ever be! Happy posting!

Julie said...

How fun that you all got together. Nice picture of the fam. Looking forward to seeing more!

Rachel said...

Hey stranger! I miss you so much but now that we're both back home we'll have to get together!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures :)