Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day!

Yesterday was a wonderful Independence Day! We woke up a little later, after having a wonderful evening with new friends and old at Cascades for Jackson's fireworks display.
After eating some yummy cocoa ripple coffee cake and getting a nap, we went up to celebrate our freedom at Nana and Papa's house.
After we grilled some dogs, and had a dip in the pool, we headed to small town USA, aka Fowler-tucky, to their annual 4th of July parade with Papa and Nana and the cousins. All of the kids had so much fun, and so did I! :)
After the parade, we went for ice cream at the local Frosty boy, and then to the park for their fireworks display. We all had a great time playing together, and hanging out before they started.
We were pleasantly surprised to see one of the best displays of fireworks in years! You would think that they wouldn't have been so big in such a farming town, but they were awesome. What a great day with the family I'll never forget!
Josie, Emma, Solomon and Alex watching the parade.

It looked as though the whole fire department was in the parade! I hope no fires were happening in that town! :)

Josie dancing to some of the music.

My dad took our picture for us after several failed attempts at a self portrait. Thanks Dad!

Josie's smiley face sundae at the Frosty boy. Emma wanted me to take a picture of hers too, but they looked the same, and she already had eaten an eye ball. So, if you want to, you can pretend this is Emma's sundae. :)

Jay and Shanna chilling out before the display. I love seeing how crazy in love these guys still are! :)

Cayden is super excited!

I love my sweet nephew Alex. I wish he was my son. I love those eyes! Doesn't he look like he could be mine? Maybe I could just sneak him. :)

The ever cheerful Addie. (Nice picture, Josh!)

Emma, Ashlyn, Ivy and Solomon playing "freeze tag" before the show.

Okay, so I didn't want to miss the show while trying to change the settings on the camera, so after two pics, I put it away and snuggled close with my kiddos. It was the best!

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