Sunday, May 18, 2008

Graduation Time Again

I have shed a lot of tears this week. Tears of frustration, of sorrow, of joy.
The end of the semester always brings a lot of extra things to do in the office, and that can be stressful at times. We also stay up way too late, trying to get every last minute with our dear friends before they leave either for the summer, or forever as they graduate.
This is the part of the ministry I don't think I'll ever get used to. We invest all we are into these students for two whole years, and then we have to say goodbye. It rips my heart out. My "gut" reaction is to go into defense mode. I tell myself I can't let myself get so close with the next group of students. It just hurts too much to see them go. I know that is not right though. I know that "shared life" is the only way we can really connect with any of the students. So, if you think of it, say some extra prayers for us around graduation time. It is when we loose little pieces of our heart to all over the country, and soon, world.
I wouldn't want to change it though. Be excited! Be proud! Fifty six more people to work towards the goal of every tribe reached!
Spring Graduation class of 2008. An amazing group of World Changers!

Just some of those we are missing so!

Many of the students were glad Addie decided to walk before they left. Way to go sweet Adelaide!


the troyers said...

yea addie! can't wait to see it! tell your mama i want to see her!

thesscurry said...

Yippee... Wha kadoo! We don't have to say good bye cause you don't do that with family! Love you bunches little Crabby Sinclair!