Friday, May 9, 2008

Emma Lost Her First Tooth!

Last week some time, Emma told us "I can't eat. My tooth is funny." Sure enough, it was loose. After about a week of wiggling it, she was tired of it. The new tooth had already made it's appearance behind the old one, so I thought it would be okay to give it a little help.
Emma's tooth after all her wiggling. (Sorry about the blood.)

After a quick pull it was out! According to her baby book, this was the same tooth that was her first in. :)

Her little Jack-o-lantern grin. :) I can't believe Emma is old enough to lose teeth! Emma was excited she could drink her milk through a straw without even opening her mouth!

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FordFamilyFun said...

I love the part about drinking her milk without opening her mouth. I miss those days!!