Friday, May 9, 2008

AWANA Awards Night

Wednesday night was Emma's awards night with AWANA. We had a yummy dinner of hot dogs, salads, and chips and then made our way upstairs for the program.
From September to May, Emma has been meeting almost every Wednesday night with the cubbies. She has memorized 24 verses, and completed her cubbie "Jumper" book. We love the AWANA program and will miss it during the summer (not a surprise to some of you, but Emma got teary when it was all over). We are definitely going to do it again in the fall. Josie might even join in on the fun!
Emma proudly showing off her patches for her first year in AWANA.

They sang the Cubbie theme song.

They just gave her her first book award and certificate.

Emma with one of her Cubbie leaders, Mr. Bertram. :)


Julie said...
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Julie said...

Good job Emma! How proud you must be! She looks so cute up there smiling like crazy. Sooooo cute!