Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The First Week in November Finds Us...

...enjoying unseasonably warm weather for starters! Yesterday was 79 degrees. We had many days this summer where it did not get that high!
Besides the warm weather, we are staying busy as usual. The kiddos keep growing like weeds, and learning new things every day. Here is what the fabulous five are up to this past month.
Emma broke her wrist on her last game of the soccer season. The crazy tough girl played the rest of the game! We obviously did not know she had broken her wrist, and I think once the shock wore off, she was VERY aware of the break.  She broke her scaphoid bone, which is not a fun one to break.  It is a pretty painful break that takes a long time to heal. It looks like she will be in a cast for twelve weeks! She had an MRI and we will hopefully know soon if she will need surgery.
Josie has been enjoying learning the flute this year.  She is also continuing to work on her art.  She was picked as artist of the week out of her whole school (700+ students), and we are very proud of her!
Adelaide has started violin lessons this year. This is something she has wanted to do since she was four, and this year, due to a few very generous grants, scholarships, and gifts, she can! It is so fun to see her excitement and determination.
Isaac is growing more each day. He will turn three this month! How can that be??? I signed him up for a mommy and me tumbling class for six weeks through the rec. center, and he is enjoying it. I mostly did it to have some good one on one time with him, but having a place to run and jump besides the living room is an added bonus!
Ezra decided he was going to surprise his mom and in the matter of about two weeks learned to pull himself up AND crawl! So proud of my super preemie.  Now if he would just sleep through the night...

Pretty big cast for breaking a bone that is only the size of a cashew!

My little artist and her self portrait.

I am so happy to see her joy in learning how to play.

Took this kid downtown to look at all the construction. He was in heaven.

Hey mom! I crawled out of my pants and pulled up! Now quit doing laundry and get me outta here!

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