Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Daughters and their Diverse Interests

As the girls grow, their interests and abilities have really grown with them. I am so excited to see the gifts God has given them. 
Josie has become really interested in art, particularly in painting. She is pretty good at it too! She recently had two peices in an art show. 


Emma started playing the clarinet this year in fifth grade band. She has really grown in her ability and got a one (best score) at solo and ensemble this year! I am so proud!


Adelaide still has interests in dance, and after taking a year and a half off while we moved and had Isaac, she hasn't missed a step. She has added tap, so now she does ballet and tap. 


All three of the girls love AWANA. They have worked hard saying verses and look forward each week to going. Emma completed another book, and next year will be her last year. 


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