Friday, September 27, 2013

Sporties for My Shorties

I am not one you would call "athletic". Hey, I'm not even considered coordinated. Clumsy is more often used to describe me. 
Thankfully that is not so for my offspring. 
Last spring Josie and Adelaide participated in gymnastics that the local rec department puts on. At $15 for six weeks, it is a deal not to be passed up! The girls both enjoyed it. 
This summer, all three of them joined some friends at a kids fun run, and ran in the race just down the street from out house. Emma won second place! (You can't tell from the photo but there was a lot of kids, and she was not the oldest).
Speaking of Emma, she has left the rec soccer days behind her and now plays for her school team. She plays on a 5-8th co-ed team, who play mostly middle school boy teams. She is one tough cookie on the soccer field. 
Isaac isn't playing anything yet, but he sure is a fan of football! He will sit and watch with daddy, and loves it. "Football" is one of the few words he says, and he calls all other balls just "ball". It's pretty cute. 

Josie's cartwheel.  

Addie working the trampoline. 

Getting ready to run. 

Go Emma! Go!

We love number 22!!!

Cheering on our favorite team! Go Blue!

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