Thursday, September 26, 2013

Starting A New Year

It's hard to believe we are almost a month into the new school year. The last time I blogged I hadn't even gotten to summer yet! I fear I will always be behind as I am one busy lady!
I don't want to miss these moments, so I like to write them on this "online scrapbook" of sorts to preserve them for the years to come. I already enjoy looking back to when I first started blogging. Adelaide was just a baby!
Our children are growing so quickly before our eyes! 
Emma (age ten) is now in fifth grade! She is in the middle school wing at her school and does fun things that middle schoolers do like playing a clarinet in band, and playing for the school's soccer team. She sure is growing fast, and likes to remind us of that. "Hey mom, did you know that I am closer to the age you got married than you are?" *gulp* Does that make her old, or me? Or both of us? 
Our sweet Josephine is eight now, and loving third grade. She has become quite the little bookworm as of late. If she would just finish one before she starts another! Josie has a very creative mind. We had a lot of fun playing mermaids this summer, and she always had some interesting story lines. 
Dear Adelaide is my toothless six year old first grader. She is smart and is picking up math pretty quick. She is definitely still a snuggle bug, and for that I am thankful!
Isaac is such a mover! He is ten months old now, and is such a fast crawler! He is always into whatever he can get at fast enough and keeps momma on her toes for sure! He even took his first steps, from the couch to the dog) on Saturday!
There is a little update on the four cutest members of our home. I hope to be able to pick up blogging more often soon. 

The four blessings from God in our lives. 

All ready for the first day of first, third, and fifth grade!

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