Friday, June 29, 2012

Prima Ballerinas

This year Josie and Adelaide took ballet lessons at the local ballet studio. We have always loved the teachers and classes, and loved the scholarships even more!!! Who would have thought missionary kids could take ballet lessons!
The girls both worked very hard in their classes this year, and we were excited to see all they had learned. We were extra blessed to have won the front row raffle they had! Well, we actually won third row, but it was a way better seat than we ever have been able to get before! The best part is, I only bought ONE ticket! We were very thankful for this gift frrom the Lord, to be able to see our little dancers up close, instead of ant size.
Josh took pictures for me (as I was still not feeling well at this point), and I think he did a great job!

 Josie looks so, what is the word? Professional? She is a natural at ballet.

 Adelaide knew her routine better than any of the other girls! So cute! I'm a proud momma!

 Can you see her in Swan Lake one day?

Pretty in pink!


Jamie Hoeppner said...
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Jamie Hoeppner said...

Oh my goodness!! So graceful they are!!! :) :) :) Why do they have to grow-up and become big girls?? I remember (like it was yesterday) walking into the room and watching them ask Mr.Daniel if he would dress the Barbies... and he sweetly replies, "Oh no, boys aren't allowed to dress Barbies. I'm going to find your dad." hahahahahahahaha

I miss your kids!! Can you post about Emma?!? I need to see how big she is now?!?! :) :)