Thursday, May 3, 2012

Josie's School Dog Pound

Josie had a choir concert last week at school. It was a kindergarten/first grade combination choir, and they did a little doggy performance called Arf.  It was really adorable.
Josie told me she had a part in it. She was Chi Chi Chihuahua, and she had lines and had to sing a song. The only thing was I was to make the costume! I am really not gifted in that area, but thankfully a little felt, a hot glue gun, and a big imagination, and Josie was transformed into Chi Chi.
We were able to get there early enough to get a really good seat. I was so glad! Not only did Josie have a part, but she had the ONLY solo the whole night! She did a fantastic job and I was beaming with pride over my sweet little puppy, er, girl.

Chi Chi in front of her house.

 My girl has a sweet soft voice. She sang "I may be small, but I can do my part..." So true!

The choir singing and dancing. What a bunch of cuties!

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Momma to 4 boys said...

She looks just like you Tamara!