Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Morning

I took a little unscheduled blogging break. We were just enjoying the wonderful Christmas season, getting over the flu, having a birthday, and getting back into the swing of things. I'll post about that all in good time, but for now I wanted to share our Christmas morning with you.
Christmas eve was a great time at my parent's house. My brother and his family came out and we had a lot of fun with presents, playing the wii, and I went sledding with all the kids. Fun times!
Poor Josie was the first to come down with the flu. Christmas eve (3am) she woke up and was sick. The rest of Christmas day she has a temp of 103.8, but was no longer queasy. She didn't let her fever stop her. She enjoyed Christmas morning, then went back to bed for the rest of the day.
We all slept in to almost 9am (crazy, right?), and all the girls wanted to do was hear the end of the advent story, Jotham's Journey that we have been reading every night for the advent season. If you guys are looking for a great book, seriously go buy this one. It was all 5 of our favorite part of the Christmas season this year.
After our story, we had a leisurely breakfast, until my dad couldn't take it anymore. "Who has ever heard of children who don't want to open their Christmas gifts? It's after 11AM!!!"
Well, I actually thought that was cool. The focus of this season wasn't the presents. It never is the presents, and I think the kids are getting it. My dad was just teasing anyhow. :)

The girls cuddling on Christmas morning.

Our Advent "wreath". Not really a wreath, but they were Josh's grandmother's candle sticks, and I thought that was pretty special.

The gang all waiting for me to finish taking pictures so they could eat. :)

I love this picture. The girls were all so excited for each other as they opened gifts. Look at Emma in the back. She seems more excited than Josie! (That could have been because of the flu.)

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thesscurry said...

So, here's my idea... you all get one of the 'other books' and we'll get the one you don't get... then between us 'kids' we'll have all 3 books to share - each advent. Did you see that there is one for Easter as well?! I wonder what that story is like! :-) Love you all - so glad that we could share Christmas together without getting sick - whodathunk!