Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Sunday

After a day at the beach, we all drove to David's parents house to stay for the holiday. What an amazing family he has! We felt as if we were just another part of the family. They are so gracious and hospitable. Seeing David interact with his siblings made us miss ours so much!
They have such a beautiful home, full of love and life. They also have some pretty cute pets!
We went to a church David used to attend when he lived in this area. It was so nice to be worshiping with fellow believers (even if we didn't know any of them!). We really enjoyed the service.

The girls all spiffed up. Perhaps I should have taken pictures before the two hour church service in 90+ degree heat. They might not have looked so wilted.

This cat is 18 years old. I liked him.

Addie did too. :)

This is their beast of a dog the size of a bear. I think that was even his name. HUGE!

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