Monday, April 26, 2010

A Blogging Break and a Pee Wee Hike

I know it has been a while since I wrote about our spring break. Truth is, I had surgery last week. I am still on the mend, and my mind is starting to clear from the Vicodin fog it has been in for a little over a week, so I find myself able to put a clear thought together again. :)
Our time in North Carolina could not be topped, but as all good trips, had to come to an end. We came dangerously close to overstaying our welcome, and we had to head north to attend a much anticipated wedding in the family.
We were so blessed to have so much family up for the wedding. Such a fun time of reconnecting after a long winter.
The day of the wedding we had a little time to kill so we took the munchkins on a "hike". They had a great time, and so did we!

Josh braving the trail as our guide.

Steve and Sarah made sure the smallest ones didn't get too far behind.

These cousins are forming quite a bond. Even though Sophie is closer in age with Josie, she can relate to the "baby sister" role with Addie. :) It's either that, or they are trying to stay warm! It was 29 degrees that morning. Quite a difference from out time in North Carolina!

Just a little bit of beautiful Mio.


Manda said...

First time here... Your family is adorable.
I hope you are healing well!

Tamara said...

Thank you so much! Always glad to get new readers. :)

Cal said...

Hey!! That's my home!! haha, I just connected that with "Oooh, it must be Jenny's wedding that they went to." hahaha!

thesscurry said...

thanks for sharing some fun memories with us. You guys are never far from our thoughts... ever.