Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Need a Little Christmas

I just realized how we have family traditions that just happen. We have, for the last couple of years now, had some students over while we put up our Christmas tree. It is a lot of fun to have a fresh perspective of the decorating, it gives some students a way to not miss home too much at this time of year, and the kids really like it!
Last night was no exception!
Kayla and Emma dig through one of the decoration boxes.

Addie placed 90% of the tree ornaments on the bottom right of the tree. :)

Josie was so excited to be able to hang the star this year!

We have red lights on our tree this year. It's different, but the girls like it!


Elizabeth said...

Mara, after two years of secretly following your blog... i can now "officially" follow your blog because i got a gmail account. so, this is my first introductory comment. there will be MANY more to follow

thesscurry said...

pretty fun to discover your own traditions - and making them special year after year is even more fun! Love you all - S.