Sunday, December 13, 2009

Angel Alert!

Today was the children's Christmas program at our church. My back is still in a lot of pain, but I had enough medicine in me to be able to go. I am so glad I didn't miss it!
Josie's class started out the program with a little poem. It was so cute! I only wish I had a better view of her.
After Josie's class was done, the rest of the kids started. This year Emma was finally old enough to join the big kids choir, and she had so much fun! She really got into it and was dancing and moving all over the place. I am positive she didn't know that everyone was laughing at her, but it sure was funny! Everyone kept asking where our little angel got her moves. I told them it was their daddy, of course! :)
It was a great program, and I just love knowing the girls are growing up, making life long memories of singing in the church choir. Some of my fondest Christmas memories as a child include the same thing. I felt like I really was there back in the beginning, sharing for the first time the birth of our Lord. It was so exciting, and I love seeing the girls experiencing the same thing.
I wish I had some video to show you. It was SO cute!

Josie walking up to the stage, with her buddy Jack not too far behind.

I didn't really have a good shot of Josie. Here is the best I have.

Here is the Angel choir. Can you spot Emma? Here is a hint, she is in the front row.

A close up of my little angel.


Bemily said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little bit better! Can't wait to see those 3 little angels in a week! Miss you so much!

Elizabeth said...

I will most likely be asking the girls to re-create the choir concert for me when i see them. my guess is that they will be happy to oblige.

Gary and Lindsay said...

How fun for you, I remember those days as a kid too. I can't wait until Aubrey is old enough to sing in church choir. I love your pictures! Hope your back gets better soon. By the way I am having a baby boy on Friday!