Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Taste

Do you know what it's like to be a country girl living in the city? Well, I'm not "deep country". I grew up on a dirt road. I had to walk to the main road to catch the bus for school because it couldn't turn around on our tiny private drive. I didn't live on a farm (although having 28 kittens at one time living at our place outside could boast as a "cat farm", right?), but I always thought one day I would.
Even when we felt the Lord directing us into tribal missions with NTM, I always thought I would have a little garden outside my jungle hut. You know, kind of a tribal farm gal. :)
So now that we find ourselves serving at the training institute, in a city of sorts (not filled with the cool things BIG cities have, like coffee shops that stay open past 6PM, or, you know... culture, but with little city stuff like cement everywhere, and big attitudes), I get caught in day dreams every once in a while. Dreams of a garden, or a lawn for that matter. :) Dreams of spending the day outside taking care of our land and animals.
Dreaming is fun. You see, in my dreams it is not ME who does all these things, but a gifted, green thumb, horse whisperer Tamara, and on my farm, everything goes right. Everything is fresh and homemade.
Truth be told, if my dream were to ever happen, we would starve from my ill fated vegetable garden, and our chickens would only lay bad eggs, and I would only grow weeds in my flower beds. And my cow would bite.
Last week while in Ohio, we were overjoyed that we had three whole days to play "farm" at Uncle Dave and Aunt Alice's house. They have sheep, and chickens, and kitties, and a fabulous dog named Millie, and a really old turtle (seriously. Josh said they have had this guys for FIFTY TWO YEARS!!! Now that is dedication to a pet! Either that, or a really long raising period before one delicious bowl of soup).
It was SO much fun to feed them all. I loved to take pictures over there. It is GORGEOUS! Even though I only got to go two of the three days, it was the greatest!
Now I am back in my little city, enjoying my high speed internet. It is good that we had only three days to look after the animals. I am pretty sure after three, some real work would have been needed, and I'm pretty sure that it would involve poop in some way. So you see, in many ways, my life here is far superior than my dream of being a country girl, because with my youngest one now potty trained, there is not a whole lot of poop to deal with anymore.

Hello little lamby. Can I take you home with me?

What's that? You say you prefer your wide open pasture to my little concrete patio?

Check out this beautiful sunset!

Um, yeah. We got to eat those for breakfast the next day, and they really DO taste better!


Rachel said...

Your "horse whisperer Tamara" comment had me laughing SO hard! I just love you! I know exactly what you mean - I am so much like you! So funny :)

thesscurry said...

I think you are pretty amazing my NTM trained sis-in-law. :-) You city living - hospitality loving sis-in-law... I'll share my tomatoes and "garden" stuff since I have a backyard... if you'll continue sharing life with the likes of us city-dwelling country lovin folks like me!