Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun on the Fourth!

We had a full weekend of Independence day fun! We had some dear friends from many different states all come for the weekend, and we had a blast. Fireworks on the third, some grilling, and playing in the park followed by more fireworks. So much fun. I would say the only thing wrong with the weekend was that it went by way too fast!

We got to meet up with my family on the fourth. Emma didn't let her broken arm slow her down. She and her cousin Ashlyn had a great time together.

Jenna and Lizzy arrived about three minutes apart from each other. My girls were ecstatic!!!

Emma, Lizzy, Me, Jenna, Addie,Susie and Josie all chillin' on our big blanket waiting for the fireworks to start!

Josh was teaching Addie a little more about soccer. I don't think she quite gets it...

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