Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Time Fun!

At the first sign of warm weather, we are outside! We have really enjoyed the nice warm sun God has given us, and this taste of Spring makes us eager for the upcoming Summer as well!
Emma is drawing a peanut. This is her new favorite thing to draw at the moment. :)

Check out those beautiful blue eyes!

My silly Adelaide!

Making a welcome sign (complete with peanuts) for our daily visitors.


thesscurry said...

adorable as usual... too bad your kids aren't more photogenic! :-) Love you guys -

Rachel said...

So wait...if I come to your house I will get to eat welcoming peanuts from your back stoop???? I am so confused...and intruiged!

StephG said...

So much fun!! Afton's favorite thing to draw right now is an airplane...oh, and butterflies too! I'm so glad the weather is getting warmer. It's so much easier for all of us, plus the kids run off some energy!

StephG said...

I'm glad you had an awesome time at the youth retreat & I hope Josh is feeling better!