Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pray for Josh

He has had a rough week. Poor guy went into the ER on Friday morning with horrendous pain which turned out to be a kidney stone. Friday night he had surgery to remove the "impassible" stone.
Today is Tuesday, and he is still in a lot of pain. Please keep him in your prayers. Josh is an amazing patient and has been so tough! Please pray for him to heal quick.
Spring is just starting to show around Jackson. Here is a little glimpse of some of God's amazing handiwork, right from our yard. :)


StephG said...

Ouch! I will be praying for him & that whatever is still wrong will be figured out quick!
I love the flower pictures, they are beautiful!

Katie's Story said...

We missed you guys this morning! I hope that Josh is feeling better. Your family has been through so much lately! Hope to see you soon!