Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Please pray for Emma

Sunday we noticed that Emma's right eye was turning inward slightly. I didn't think much of it. Tuesday morning, one of Emma's teachers came to my office to talk with me. She said that they were concerned with Emma's eye. I right away remembered Sunday. Josie had a doctor's appointment that day, so I called and asked if they would see Emma as well.
After the doctor took a look at her yesterday, she was very concerned because it seemed to just come up so fast and out of nowhere. She got us an appointment for the next morning at an optometrist in Chelsea.
This morning they did another eye exam and told us the same thing that we heard yesterday. Her right eye is 20/40 and it turns inward. What we do not know is why she has this problem. They have referred us to the U of M Kellogg eye center's pediatric ophthalmology office. The earliest possible appointment was January 2nd. They first said April, but after speaking with the doctor, he was able to move it up to their first available appointment.
We are just asking you to pray with us. We are praying that this isn't nearly as serious as our first doctor let on. Also that this is something we will be able to correct soon. I feel so bad. She holds her right eye when she is tired. She mentions how things look blurry to her. It is very obvious when you look at her. Someone asked me why she was making a face, and I felt so bad. This may sound so shallow, but I don't want her to be stared at, or look different than other kids.
We will keep you updated when we here more, but it will probably be in three weeks, after she has her appointment. Thank you.


Chris and Erin Lujan said...

We will definitely be praying for Emma, the dr. and grace for you all as you wade through everything. We love you guys.

Bemily said...

Emma! We love you so much and we are praying for you daily! J&T; we love you guys so much! You know we are always wanting to be closer- we are thinking and praying for you and all the girls. We hope you feel our prayers and hugs from the many miles away! Can't wait to see you all very, very soon!

the troyers said...

Love you friend... You know I'll do anything I can.... You guys are certainly in our prayers..

Julie said...

Emma will be in our prayers for sure! I hope that everything is going to be fine and that you guys will be able to enjoy the holidays!