Sunday, December 9, 2007

Children's Christmas program

Today was the Children's Christmas program. We knew Emma was going to be singing, but we were surprised to see Josie up there! She never told us she was going to sing. Completely different than her sister Emma who has been talking about it since October!
They both did two songs with there Sunday School class. It was really cute!
Here is a picture of Emma and Josie before church. Addie was more interested in her morning bottle than a photo shoot.

Josie was one of the only kids actually singing! So cute!

She loved doing the motions too.

Emma sang really loud. I could hear her eight rows back. :)

I cannot believe how big she is getting. Look at this kid! She used to be a little baby not that long ago...

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thesscurry said...

those are some pretty special little girls, if I do say so myself. Hope your day is full of lots of sunshine too! See you real soon.