Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This year has already brought so much joy.  I can't hardly believe it is already May!  I wanted to share some pictures that make me very happy.

My dear family.  We were just enjoying a lazy Saturday in our jammies.

Josie performed at solo and ensemble and received the highest score she could!

These two chuckleheads love each other so very much!

Josie and Emma showing their Art Prize entries. Josie got 4th place in the whole school!

My little warrior scaling the wall of the enemy fortress!

Our nature walk partners at MacCready Nature Reserve.

A beautiful bouquet I was surprised with just because he loves me.

Fishing for blue gill with daddy at the NTBI spring picnic.

Last, but certainly not least, our newest little squish. Due to make an appearance this October (and hopefully not any sooner!), we are so thrilled with this gift of life God has entrusted us with! Praise be to Him!


Alisha said...

Wait.... WHAT?! Another baby?!?!?! AHHHHH!!!! I'm not sure if this was your official announcement or if I just missed the Facebook announcement, but CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting!

Tamara said...

We did share on Facebook, but I wanted to share here too because I know we have friends who aren't on there. You must have missed it.