Friday, February 5, 2016

Adelaide is Nine!

Our youngest daughter, Addie, turned NINE last month!  She is in my mind a perpetual six year old.  I guess this birthday took me as a shock, that she is in fact, getting older! Last year of the single digits for her.
Her birthday was a full one. I had somewhere to be that morning, and she had dress rehearsal for her violin recital. In the evening we had her requested dinner of spaghetti and cupcakes for dessert. My parents were able to come out for the evening.  It was a nice day.
Her violin recital was the next weekend.  She did SO WELL!!! She is really driven to learn the violin.  Never do I have to remind her to practice. Most often I have to say, "You've been practicing all afternoon. Time to get your homework and chores done!"
I am really proud of my sweet little (but not so little) musician. 

Make a wish!

Cinnamon roll cupcakes, by request of the birthday girl!

It was a great performance.

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