Monday, August 3, 2015

Loving My Full House

Life with five kiddos sure keeps me busy! They also keep me so happy! It is so fun to snuggle and cuddle my little guy, and watch as he learns new things every day, like what pears taste like. It is also exciting to see my oldest get more independent. She loves working in the kitchen, and has enjoyed working for others helping clean their homes, and a little babysitting. Then there is all the stages in-between! The potty training, and teeth pulling, and chapter book reading, and it is so fun! What a blessed woman I am, to be able to see all these things through the eyes of my children. 

Road trip to the Mathew Family Reunion.

My little baker. She is pretty much the cupcake queen!

She is always good for a laugh. Love my Jo Jo.

Addie and Ezra got to share a doctor appointment. Here ears are bothering her again. 

Isaac sure loves his animals. I think Duchess should hate this, but she always comes back for more.

My sweet miracle. He is getting SO BIG!!!

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