Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Month Gone By!

Well here is basically what that month looked like for me. Shortly after being lifted from "Lying low" rest, I was put on official bed rest, which then has turned into "only get out of bed to use the restroom" bed rest.  Apparently my blood pressure decided it wanted to get in on the fun and got all high, and so has confined me to the bed (or couch in the picture above that was taken before the you move out of bed and you'll get it phase).
I must admit, I actually thought being on bed rest would be easy. I would watch some movies, surf the web, read some books. The truth is, it has been brutal. I really don't like having to see my dear husband try and do the work of both dad AND mom. I don't like relying on people to help. Don't get me wrong, the help has been a huge blessing, and we wouldn't have made it without all the people who have made meals, and ran errands, and just encouraged us. It's just I sort of like being on the other end of the spectrum. Also, have you tried to read while laying on your left side? It's really not that comfortable.
I am thankful though to have gone (still going) through this as I think it will help me know how to better help those who need it when I CAN help. Also, it is keeping Lil' Dude healthy, and that is a very good thing.

So, I may have cheated a little. I did leave the house to vote. I thought it was important, and I had another doctor's appointment that morning anyhow. To show how much I was trying to be good, I even drove to my polling location, which was only a block and a half away. :)
Lil' Dude was very good and obeyed his mommy and did not come before election day. He is free to come anytime now. As a matter of fact, in eight days he is being evicted. That's right! A week from tomorrow is my c-section.
That means my little baby boy will be born before this milk will spoil.

Very exciting times.
I now leave you with my new favorite family picture. Just us all snuggling on the bed a couple months ago. You will notice Lil' Dude is right there in the mix of it next to his big sister Addie.
Man, am I one blessed lady, or what?

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