Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pie and Conversation

Occasionally at the Bible school I get to participate in something really fun. This is really more than just occasionally, since Josh and I coordinate the campus activities, but I am talking about something different.
Last week I was asked if I could teach someone to make pie, "since you are the pie queen". Oh, what sweet things to say! I do love to bake pies, and those may have been words to butter me up so I would do it, but it didn't matter. :) I love to teach things in the kitchen, and pie is my favorite thing to share!
Things did not start out as planned. On the ingredient list they were asked to bring Crisco, and they came with margarine. He he. One can only know how funny that is if you bake. It was okay though, as I had some Crisco on hand.
After three hours (hey, we spend a lot of time just chatting and drinking coffee too!) the pie was done, and it was a great success!

Ready for the top crust.

Someone is proud of her work! She should be. She was a GREAT student! :)

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