Monday, April 25, 2011

Bahama Mama

I could not believe how beautiful the Bahamas were. I guess I never really thought there could be water so clear, and sand so white! It was truly a tropical paradise!

The resort that we got to stay at was simply fabulous. :) I kept thinking that it wasn't real, and that this trip must be a dream. I mean, who gets free trips to the Bahamas?

We are so thankful for God blessing us this way through very generous friends! What a great time together we had.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but when I was there, I didn't really feel like taking pictures. I just wanted to take it all in. Here are a couple from our time on Grand Bahama Island.

This was the view from our room. If you want to hear a funny story sometime, ask us how we got such a nice room. :)

The morning sun.

This was when an insane rain storm came in. Look at how it seems to just be hanging over us!

This was the view at night of the resort's lobby. It was so pretty!

This is inside. Couldn't you just see James Bond walk through the door at a place like this?

Here is some proof that we were there together. Not the best picture, but we weren't very happy. This was right before we left the Bahamas.

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Laine said...

Looks beautiful! I was just telling Jed that we really need to make a point to make it to the Bahama's since we live here in Florida! I'm so jealous of the kid free vacation too! Man thats AWESOME! I mean I love my kids so much but sometimes mom and dad need a break, ya know! :) So happy for you guys!