Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Soccer Shocker!

What is the shocker you might ask? That I actually have children who know how to play!
I am serious. This is huge. Taking the fact that I can't even chew gum and walk at the same time out of the equation, I am not what you would call an "athletic type". Sure, I ran track in middle school. Not very well mind you. After every race I felt like I was going to puke, and my face remained red for hours. I just don't have the skills/coordination/stamina it takes for something like soccer. I remember one time two years ago when we had a group of students here for student leadership training, and they all wanted to play soccer. They were a person short, and I was begged to come play. It seems I forgot to wear my flip flops, which is my favorite way of getting out of something like soccer, or anything remotely physical (I'm sorry Addie. I can't take you to the bathroom, I have flip flops on, see?). Okay, I'm kidding on that last one...maybe.
Anyhow, so I foolishly had my sneakers on, and was asked to play. After I told them how I had never played, how I don't know how to play, how I can't even walk and chew GUM at the same time (everyone always thinks that's a joke) I gave in. I got out on the field, and stood there. I was told to block someone, but I really am just too slow and clueless. After about two minutes someone said, "Man, you really ARE as bad as you said!" and at that moment, some wonderful person swept in and saved me from the rest of my humiliation.
Now, I'm not completely un-functioning in the world of sports. I played on a co-ed volleyball intramural team in Bible college. I even managed to hit the ball over the net a few times. Growing up I played a mean four-square game, and I remember a time in high school gym class where my twin sister and I dominated the badminton competition. There were no awards. No announcements. No parade. I felt very excited that we were, in fact, the champions my friend. [ insert Freddie Mercury's voice here]
All of this sports history of my life lead me to believe that any offspring I had would suffer from the same dysfunction gene as me. I did, however, marry a wonderful man who could easily be described as athletic. He played football, and soccer, and ran track all in high school. He played soccer in college, and in Bible school. He also kicks butt in sand volleyball. Much to my utter joy and amazement, his athletic gene was passed down to our daughters. Sure, some have it more than others, but all of them could wipe the floor with me at any given moment in soccer.
Badminton anyone?

Goalie is a perfect position for Emma and her type-A, "by the book" personality. She didn't let anyone score the whole time!

Josie just running along. This may not be her game, but she sure is having fun, which is more that I could say if I were out there.

Daddy warming up Josie, and comforting her after a big fall. Josh is such a great encouragement to the girls!


thesscurry said...

GOAAAAALLLLL... nope! Way to play Emma. Simeon loves that position too! He had 3 attempts on goal while he blocked them all very well! Maybe the new game in grandpa's backyard will be soccer! THAT would be so fun!

Jennifer Kate Turner said...

oh my word, could this be any more adorable a post?????? answer: no. your girls are SO CUTE!!

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Badminton is awesome! I played for 14 years and it is or was the second most played sport in the world, so props to you and the twin.

Soccer is the most played sport in the world and I'm glad your girls are enjoying it!

bamiller said...

I can't believe little Emma is a goalie!! But the type-A thing does make sense. I understand, trust me ;)

Also I played soccer when I was little and enjoyed it but I don't think I was ever very good.