Friday, August 21, 2009

Fair Food!

Usually when we go to the fair we like to watch the cows at the milking station while we eat yummy ice cream. This year, however, we were too late to see the evening milking, so we decided to skip the ice cream and try something else.
Our girls decided to get their very first snow cones. They all wanted lime. Elizabeth shared a ton of her cotton candy, and we got some french fries with salt and vinegar. Oh so good for your blood pressure. I guess it is good that we only do this once a year. :)

The girls are trying to decide what flavor of snow cone to get.

Addie may need a little help with hers. :)

Mmmmm! Yummy artery clogging goodness!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I ALWAYS get the french fries! And Brad always gets the deep fried know, can't have those veggies being good for you or anything! Oh great, now I want french fries...