Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Family is Expanding!

Not of the baby variety, but the furry kind! Yesterday the family went to Milan, MI to DHK animal rescue shelter, and adopted a puppy from there. He was rescued from a puppy mill. What a sweet boy he is, and the girls love him. Josh decided he did not want to be the only male in the home. :)
Can you spot the newest member?

Meet Sonny. :)

Sonny is a wire haired Jack Russell Terrier.

We went to the shelter to look at a different dog, but when Josh saw this face, ah, who can resist?


Julie said...

Awwww!! He's soooo cute! That's really cool that you guys decided to not only get a dog, but a rescued dog! Soooo sweet! Have fun with him!

Kent and Marilyn said...

Awh! I am really happy to know you found a dog! :) Sonny is really cute!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!!!!!