Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saturday Family Fun!

Last Saturday, Mom and Dad Mathew came over for some fun. It's been a while since we've seen each other. We had a great time eating corn chips and re-fried beans, thinking of ideas on how to maximize space in our home, and of course...wrestling! :)

Dog pile on Daddy! Even grandpa got in on the fun. :)

Isn't she getting SO big?!?!

Grandma getting Josie's toes!

Pretty in Pink!

Look at the lovebirds! I love these guys!


thesscurry said...

Amazing... I hope that I am as in love with my husband at 30+ years of marriage as my parents are!

Bemily said...

Awww man! I miss wrestling! I miss you! Finally got some pics up of the house for you! Thought you might disown me if I didn't get them up soon! ;) Give the girls a big hug for me! Can't wait till this summer!

superchic(k) said...

Everyone looks very happy together. Yay!

Liz said...

Family time is such a blessing. What a special time for you guys. I think it's precious to see a daddy playing with his kiddos. We have lots of wrestling pictures of Bill and our kids.

Very sweet pictures!