Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving: Round #1

This year, the Mathew family spend Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's. They had a beautiful dinner in their basement. It was really nice to be together. We all missed Emily and Ben very much, but it sounds like they had a good Thanksgiving together. To read more about that, go to:
I will tell you that I am really bummed that I didn't get that many pictures. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the moment instead of running off to get the camera so you can "capture" it. We had a good day though. :)
Here are some turkey cookies that Chris and I made for the kids.

The lovely place settings. I think Sarah set this up. This is Josh's great-grandmother's china. WOW!

Here is one of the only pictures of people I have! Chris and Sarah working on bracelets with the older girls.

Can't forget the food! This is just some of the spread.


Bemily said...

You girls all look wonderful! Wish we could've been there! Looks like your Thanksgiving was a great time!

thesscurry said...

Thanks for posting the pics on your blog... I agree that it was much more fun to be together than to snap shots... :-) Thanks for remembering. :-) Love you guys - S